Growth factor part 3

Well,the RR ‘ghan continues to grow slowly but surely. Being sick as I’ve been,I only have energy to work one,maybe two,rows a day. And as you all know,that’s not much for me,so you can tell from that alone that I’m still sick with this infuriating cough. But more on that in a minute. First a pic of the ‘ghan so far…

I have 19 more rows to go until it’s done,and I really like the way it’s coming out! As you can see,I’m expanding the size of the rose rows to match half the sage rows. In other words,the last bit was 7 rows of sage,3 rows rose,1 row sage,3 rows sage. My last bit will be 9 rows sage,4 rows rose,1 row sage,4 rows rose. I think it adds a little extra to the pattern to switch it up like that.

Now back to the hack. The coughing has calmed a bit. I only get hit when I talk or move about alot,which is a pain in the ass considering my job has me talking and moving the whole time I’m there! Well,it’s gotten so bad now that my jaws hurt constantly and it feels like all my teeth have come loose. They haven’t,of course,but it feels that way,which makes it hard to chew. Combine that with the fact that all the coughing makes it difficult to swallow…well you can imagine how fun eating is.

Well,gotta run. Take care,a nd I’ll be back later!

Playing catch up

Well,I just finished one more round on the Round Ripple. That’s all I can do…1 round a day. I just don’t have the energy to really work on it cuz I’m so drained from coughing so much. Mom has it now too,and she’s off to the doctor to see what can be done. I have no insurance,so docs are out for me. I’ll post a pic of the RR as soon as I have enough done to show.

On another note,I have a little history for you,dear readers. In 1987,I fell in love with the guy of my dreams. Oh,he was everything in the universe to me. We were together just about every day day for years! Then,in 1990,he decided to run off to Florida and get married to some hoobaskank. I was so hurt,that I have literally not been in love nor had sex since that time! Yep…that long. I built a wall around me that is totally impenetrable. I vowed never to go through that again!

Monday at work,a customer asks my name. I say,”Why? What’d I do?” He replies,”You don’t remember me?” He removes is glasses,and there are the eyes that I fell into back in’87!! Dear readers…it was him!!!!! We talked,played catch up,he left,and you know what? There was nothing there the whole time. No love,no hurt,no nothing. I realize that I finally got closure by being able to finally see him one more time and notice something. Even though he kinda looks the same as he did back then,and he kinda acts the same as he did back then,he just ain’t him anymore. And by that I mean….I now see that he just is not the crap that I put myself through all these years and that I can finally say…Screw you! You never deserved what I gave you! I’m getting on with my life!!!

Oh,and by the way,the entire time we played catch up,he conveniently changed all the years around so that nothing ever happened between us. As far as he could tell,we really never hung out that much. I guess that’s how he has to deal with the fact that even though he’s on his second marriage and has five kids…there was once a time that he was in a loving and sexual realtionship with a guy. Ummm,denial ain’t a river in Egypt.

I gotta run now. Much to cough up before work. I’ll be back later!!


Well,after two days without the ability to speak,I finally have my voice back. It’s kinda useless though,cuz every time I start to talk,I start to cough. That’s the whole problem…I can’t stop coughing. I took Robituissin. Nothing. I suck on Halls. Nothing. Riiicoollaa! Naaaddaaa! I’m trying Zycam now,but no effects are noticed. The past two nights,I’ve glopped Vicks onto my throat,and I think that’s what got the mucus off my vocal cords,but still I cough.

I’m off work tomorrow (I did go back in yesterday and will today),so I plan on doing nothing but vegging out and trying to catch up on my crochet that has been ignored for the past coupla days.

Oh,and for the readers that are familiar with the on-going saga of Pinhead Nephew,here’s a new chapter. Last week,his boss sent him and another pinhead to do a job on their own. They do basic remodeling,tilework and the like. Anyway,they put in 33 hours last week on the job. On Friday,Pinhead Nephew goes to get paid,only to discover that the customer was NOT happy at all with the work. Boss Man looked the work after being called by upset customer and can easily see that it was a half-ass,shoddy job. Upset Customer refuses to pay until the job is done properly. That is understandable and reasonable. However,if Boss Man isn’t paid,then he cannot pay employees. Guess who didn’t get paid. Guess who acts like a five year old and pitches a tantrum and quits his job. Guess who has no way to look for another one cuz he doesn’t even own a car. Need I continue?

Anyway,I’m off to take a hot bath. I’ll be back later!!

How sick am I?

I can’t stop coughing.

I’ve coughed so much,I have laryngitis.

I cancelled the SnB for today.

I called out sick from work.

I can’t crochet! I’m too sick to crochet!

That’s how sick I am.

Growth Factor Part 2

Okay whiney people…here’s the RR so far.

I still have quite aways to go,but it’s looking nice,dontcha think?

In other news,I am one sick boy. I’ve either got a terrible cold,or the flu. Wish me well!!

Luvya all!

Growth factor

Well,the round ripple is coming along nicely. I started it Tuesday night,before finishing my other ‘ghan,and I’m up to 23 rounds of 55. It’s being done in Sage green and Country Rose,both from Red Heart. I’m being evil and not posting any pics of it until it’s done,so you’ll just have to be patient!! Nnnnnyahahaha!

What I deal with

Imagine being all curled up,nice and toasty and sound asleep in your bed.

Imagine your stomach acid churning up into your throat.

Imagine that same acid going down your wind pipe and you choking on it.

Now you know why I’m awake at 1 in the morning instead of sleeping.

Oh,the joys of acid reflux.


A week and two days ago,while sitting at an SnB at A.C. Moore, I bought some gorgeous mill end yarn. I bought a bag each of white,cocoa brwon,pink,and turquoise yarn that just sang to me. I knew that they were destined to come together in an afghan,but what to make? Patternwise that is. So I started one that very day using the Brain Dead pattern that my friend Barbara shared with me. It started off fine,but just seemed a bit small. When I got home,I frogged it and started again,just in case I had gotten the chain count wrong. Nope,chain count was right apparently,as it was still quite small. Hmmm. Let me try a different yarn. Same hook,same count,same (supposedly) weight yarn,but much more satisfying size wise. Being the size queen that I am (shut up), I decided to frog once more.

Off to Ravelry I went in search of another pattern. Search and search and search some more. Ah Ha!! The Progressive Stitch Pattern Afghan looks promising! So I grabbed my hook and the yarn and off I went. After 24 rows,I measured to see the size of the square. I liked it so I determined that each color would get that many rows before the straight section. Once there,I decided to give 2 rows to the last mitered bit and then 11 rows each of the remaining three colors. Beauty!

As you can see,the pattern starts off very much like a mitered granny square,builds from one corner up and then gos back and forth in stripes. I reall like this simple and quick pattern,and i can see more ‘ghans using this pattern in my future.

I don’t know how much yarn i actually used,yardage or weight wise,but each bag was a pound of yarn holding 4 skeins each of different size,and i used 3 brown,and 2 each of white,pink,and turquoise.

Now onto my next ‘ghan! A round ripple in light sage and country rose!

Why I hate Wal-Mart

Okay,I guess I should say that I don’t hate the company itself,but I do hate my LOCAL Wal-Mart. For the past few years,this store has been my go to place for groceries,clothers,and yarn. Now I can’t find a fucking thing! They’ve been remodeling the store for the past 2 months,and every day,they move things around again! Not even the people that work there know where shit is.

The yarn department is the real killer for me,being the addict that I am. They went from having a 35 foot section of yarn to only a 15 foot section. And then that only covers the basic colors of Red Heart. They do have 5 colors of Bernat baby Softee,but I don’t use that yarn at all. Now let’s move over to the clothing department.

Never mind…I can’t find it!

The music and movies have been moved to the back wall and have been seriously depleted. They’ve basically eliminated they’re selection of bargain DVD’s,which I regularly hit. Now they only carry new releases. The music is not much better,and mostly either rap shit or stuff in Spanish,which I don’t understand. Over t groceries.

I’m a strict vegetarian. I don’t find any pleasure or health in sticking a dead animal in my mouth. My local Wal-Mart is the place for me to find a wide variety of vegetarian foods. Well,they were. Now they carry only two kinds of veggie burgers. I asked a stocker what happened to the veggie selection and was told that they still carried produce. I was too tired and frustrated to inform this putz that being a vegetarian means a lot more than just eating salads!

I finally made to the register. After being there for close to an hour,trying to find some items that no one could help me with,I ended up buying a book,a can of spaghetti-o’s,and a box of Pockys. I asked the cashier,who was very understanding,when all the crap would be done. I was informed that it would be at least two more months. Meanwhile,I will be shopping elsewhere.


Sorry I haven’t posted in a coupla days,but I did want to catch you up. Saturday’s storms were quite vicous around here! I was at work and we were getting beat hard! A mile behind my store,a neighborhood had golf ball size hail and trees were being ripped from the ground! Ten miles from my home,a moblie home park was destroyed be a tornado!! We were quite fortunate that all we got was a loss of power for a few hours,massive rain,and scary winds.

On another note,my Progressive Stitch aghan continues to grow. I have 36 more body rows left,and then the border,and then the picture. Patience is a virtue dear readers!

On the note of readers…only 4 people have responded to my last post about closing the blog. I’m still wondering if it’ll be worth keeping it up if I nly have 4 people that care. This is NOT about my ego,guys and gals,but about time. It takes time to work a blog,believe it or not,so if you want me to keep going,please let me know.

I love you all!

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